PySSH is a Python library for programmatically controlling ssh and scp.

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Status: As of October 2004, Rasjid Wilcox is moving on personally and professionally. Since I seem to have touched it last, he offered to pass maintenance on to me, so here I am.

My 'touching it' was to restructure it as a Python "package", implement Distutils support, and add a module to use an ssh-agent session if one is available.

Release 0.3 includes Debian binaries (for Python 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3), an (untested) rpm, and the source in zip and tar.gz format.

I do not intend to spend much time maintaining this web page. The SourceForge page and is where the action will be.

Thanks to Rasjid, and Chuck before him, for this project!
-- Mark W. Alexander - 15 Oct 2004

Previously: In September 2002, maintainence was passed from Chuck Esterbrook to myself. I released version 0.2 at that time, but unfortunately have done little on pyssh since then. However, pyssh 0.2 works reliably under Linux, and works mostly okay under Windows. I plan to devote some time to pyssh in the coming months.   Rasjid W. - 3 Jan 2003

Note: The CVS repository and docs have not been updated yet. Sorry about that.   Rasjid W. - 3 Jan 2003

News: We have a release, CVS, source code, docs and a home page.   8/23/2001

News: The first release, 0.1, has been made.   8/23/2001

News: CVS has been uploaded with the initial code.   8/22/2001

PySSH requires Python 2.0 or greater.

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The project is hosted at SourceForge.

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The PySSH project was officially created on Aug 19, 2001. At that point there were several independent, hacky Python scripts lurking about the usenet archives for programmatically controlling ssh and scp. PySSH aims to consolidate these scripts and additional development into one library whose features, fixes and polish will accumulate. The project also serves as an easy-to-find place for picking up Python/ssh code.

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